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Trail du Golloix

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Emilien Mottet
Emilien Mottet
I am Emilien Mottet, a hyperactive ultra-cyclist with a thirst for adventure and discovery. Traveling long, even very long distances by bike is my passion. In 2023, I made my mark by winning the Race Across France and the BikingMan Aura. But beyond titles and victories, what drives me is the journey itself: exploring the world, getting to know myself better, and testing my body and spirit against the challenges of each route. For me, each race is less a competition against other cyclists and more a personal quest for self-improvement. I place great importance on finishing each event, as that’s where my true pride lies. Riding my trusty BMC, I favor a minimalist approach, always aiming to travel as light as possible, even if it means sacrificing comfort.

Golloix Trail - Romagnatoise 2024: A Winning Strategy

Participating in the Golloix trail was to embrace the challenge of a long-distance race through the winter landscapes of Puy-de-Dôme. My goal for this trail was clear: to run the entire 50 km from start to finish, a test of endurance and self-control.

The race, though tough, was a triumph. I’m very pleased with my performance, finishing in eleventh place, an achievement that beautifully wraps up my trail running season. This success wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my partners, Hydrascore and Nolio, who proposed me to be their ambassador.

Running through wooded trails, with the biting cold of winter, is an unparalleled experience. It’s a practice that perfectly complements cycling, especially during the winter months when long outings are more challenging.

I thank everyone who supported me during this adventure, and I remain open to the idea of participating in more trails. After all, the passion for ultra-cycling is an endless quest for self-improvement.